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Is worrying about VR comfort
making you feel
sick inside?

When you're creating a new reality for your users, it's your responsibility to be their Host, their Guide, their Teacher and their Carer. You have a duty of care to your users to keep them safe and comfortable while they explore the new reality you are beckoning them into. And they will implicitly expect that you'll be doing all you can to ensure you haven't made an experience that might them physically sick.
Most creators recognise that VR comfort is of fundamental importance for your user's experience. But it can also seem to be a complex and unpredictable aspect of your project, and something that's hard to factor into your design and planning. The nightmare of discovering significant comfort issues late in production can make you feel nervous and queasy throughout development.
In VR Discomfort | A guide for Virtual Reality Content Creators, we'll share with you a break down of the most important considerations you need to know to remove the biggest comfort risks out of your project. We look at the leading theories, the different software triggers in your title that can add to user discomfort, and the strategies you can adopt to deal with them. 
VR Discomfort | A guide for Virtual Reality Content Creators is primarily aimed at VR project teams and creators, but it's also an essential and entertaining read for everyone who works, plays or explores in VR and wants to better understand why discomfort occurs, and what can be done to prevent it.

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Anyone creating a new reality for a human user has a lot to think about, and a lot of responsibility towards how that world will affect them. Either your user has to adapt and evolve to the reality you create, or the reality you create has to be built around the needs and expectations of your user.
Understanding all the challenges and differences your user will face - both inside and outside the software experience - is essential to either route. So we’ve created this breakdown of the most common comfort considerations that any VR designer or creator might face.
This knowledge is an essential first step in creating experiences that always prioritize the user, and the user’s needs, before all else.

What's in the book?

VR Discomfort | A guide for virtual reality content creators  provides a concise overview of the most important comfort considerations for immersive creators, designers, and VR explorers, giving you useful insights and workable strategies to build your project with confidence.

What, who and why?

What is VR discomfort, where is it coming from and why is it happening to some users and not others?

How do we deal with it?

You can't fix your users, but you can change your immersive experience.

Info and strategies for dealing with the most common discomfort triggers.

Sickness and Comfort

There's more to ensuring VR comfort than just preventing VR sickness. We cover all the important things you need to think about to make your user comfortable and cared for in your new reality.

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Make yourself, and your users, feel better about VR comfort.

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