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Guiding you to realise the true potential of your Immersive Realities.



Experts in elevating your XR User Experience

- the most essential consideration of every XR project.


Immersive tech puts your user at the heart of your experience.

If you're building a world for your users, our world-class immersive design experience can guide and help you to helping you create engaging, intuitive, believable and comfortable experiences, and make it the very best user-focused immersive reality your users and clients could wish for.


Working with clients across the creative, enterprise, medical, cultural, gaming and training spaces, we use our unique expertise and wisdom in helping teams and projects of all sizes to realise their very best immersive realities.


Facing an XR challenge?
Here's how we can help you.

The world is changing rapidly around us. At Realised Realities we believe immersive technology and immersive experiences are undoubtedly going to play a very significant role in our collective future. 


These mediums can initially seem mystifying to understand, and can be uniquely challenging to transition to. But they also allow incredible, exciting experiences for users, and present bountiful untapped opportunities for Creativity and Business. For some of our clients, it's a departure from what they're used to. For others, they're pioneering in completely new territory. Whatever your starting point and destination, it's going to be a journey that sees you facing unknown risks and presenting you with new opportunities. 

Broad experience and specialist expertise in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and other Immersive Technologies can be hard to find. Our Immersive Experience Specialist Jed Ashforth has over two decades of experience in immersive entertainment, and has consulted on over 120 XR experiences in the last decade, including helping many major brand IP to make the transition to interactive immersive mediums. 

Here are some of the questions we get asked from creators and businesses of all shapes and sizes...

"Can you help me... "

"... translating our immersive vision into an actionable structured design? "

"...finding an experienced XR guide to mentor me, my project, my team? "

" ...solving or avoiding VR Discomfort issues? "

"...tell the best possible version of my Immersive Narrative? "

" ...making our XR experience feel better for our users? "

" ...prepare the pitch for my

Immersive  project? "

Our clients have told us time and again how having Realised Realities as an experienced guide helped them make their journey easier, and they arrived at their destination more quickly, in fantastic shape, and well-prepared for what's next. We want to use our expertise, experience and understanding of how your users will react in VR, AR and MR to make your journey easier, and help you discover the wider possibilites that this new landscape holds for you, your project, and your business. 

We regularly help our clients by supporting their many different types of Immersive projects at every stage of development, from ideation and early planning, through design evolutions and implementation refinements, all the way through release and into post-release support.

Solutions, Feedback & Guidance

Comprehensive Assessments, Feedback, Recommendations, Strategies, Solutions and Opportunities to assist every XR Project.

We help you define your best vision, and guide you in translating that vision into competitive products offering world-class User Experiences.


Comfort and Usability Expertise

Our expertise helped establish and define many of today's best practices & industry standards.

Unmatched knowledge, understanding and insight into the causes and solutions for VR Comfort issues, from one of the pioneers of modern user-focused VR.

World-Class Immersive Design Services

Over 2 decades of concept and design expertise to elevate every aspect of your VR/AR/MR User Experience.

We help you shortcut the steep XR Design learning curve, save costs, and achieve a top-tier spatial experience.

Northern Lights

Education & Mentoring

Understand the realities of XR. Build your skills and capabilities. Bring new XR teams up to speed. Take a deep dive on XR Design issues, XR Comfort and Safety, Immersive Narrative, Interactive Storytelling, and more.

We can push your expertise and knowledge ahead of the curve, whether Creative, Executive or Investor.

Immersive and Interactive Narratives

XR gives you opportunities to put your audience inside the story. That means users will expect believable characters and experiences, and a tale with themselves at the center.

Understand the challenges and solutions for storytelling in XR mediums, how to put your user at the center of the story, and how to build the best choice-led interactive narratives.

XR High-Level Planning

Having consulted on over 100 XR projects, we understand XR's unique development and design challenges better than anyone. 


Our expertise can guide you safely past the pitfalls, lead you to rich opportunities, and help you integrate XR's unique needs into your development processes.



Immersive Design


Realised Realities is a Specialist XR consultancy business founded in 2017, and based in Manchester, UK.


Founded by Jed Ashforth, former Immersive Experience Specialist at Sony PlayStation and one of the creators of PlayStation(R)VR, Realised Realities offers unparalleled expertise and experience in all aspects of --

  • Immersive Design

  • Interactive Narratives

  • Immersive Narratives

  • Immersive UX

  • VR Discomfort

  • XR Project Planning

  • XR Pitching


... and many more.

We provide world-class guidance and support to clients of all sizes, enabling you to succeed in the XR space and supporting you to realise the true potential of your Immersive Realities.

Jed Ashforth

Jed literally wrote the book on user design and comfort design for VR while helping create PlayStation(R)VR at Sony. Jed's guidance and approaches have become industry standard best-practices, used by XR developers the world over.

  • LinkedIn

Elizabeth Owen

Elizabeth, our Business Manager, is a former solicitor with experience  working for some of the worlds largest accountancy firms and UK Top 100 law firms. Elizabeth deals with our business planning, finances and compliance obligations.



'Realised Realities worked with the Sky Immersive team for eighteen months, helping us shape and form our ideas around Virtual Reality Experiences leveraging their specialist XR insight. Jed is an endless source of knowledge, ideas and innovation not just on the immersive side but across the project delivery aspects as well, which allowed us to identify efficiencies and optimizations in our approach, as well as creative opportunities. A pleasure to work with, bringing a genuine joy and enthusiasm to everything.'

Matt McCartney
Head of Immersive | SKY



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